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Birthdate:June 18, 1952

Birthplace:Rome, Italy

Occupations:Actor, Model

Claim to Fame: Best known for her modeling contract as the official "face" of the Lancome cosmetics empire.
Her finest acting moments were in her starring roles in the Taviani brothers' The Meadow (1979) and Blue Velvet. Significant Other(s):
Husband: Scorsese, Martin. Director. Married September, 1979; divorced November, 1982.
Husband: Wiedemann, Jonathan. Model. Divorced.
Lynch, David. Director, screenwriter. Together 1986-91.
Oldman, Gary. Actor. Engaged to be married as of July 1994; reportedly separated in 1996.

Mother: Bergman, Ingrid. Actor. Father: Rossellini, Roberto. Director. Half-sister: Lindstrom, Pia. Film and theater critic. Daughter of Ingrid Bergman and Dr. Petter Lindstrom; Bergman lost custody of Pia after she moved to Italy in 1949. Brother: Rossellini, Roberto Ingmar. Born 1950. Sister: Aborne (nee Rossellini), Ingrid. Student working on doctorate in Italian literature at Columbia. Born June 18, 1952; twin sister of Isabella. Daughter: Wiedemann, Elettra-Ingrid. Son: Rossellini, Roberto. Adopted.

1987: Independent Spirit Award for Best Actress for Blue Velvet.

New School for Social Research, New York, New York